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Here are videos of an exclusive interview Diana Gabaldon did with Visit Scotland, which we hadn’t posted on the site yet. You’ll also find an excerpt from Scotland now

From Scotland Now

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon insists there is no doubt that Scotland plays a starring role in the show.

She said: “The photography is amazing, not that Scotland by itself isn’t amazing, but the way they’ve photographed it. Ron (Moore, the producer) said from the beginning when he realised that we could film in Scotland – which is what he and I both wanted – that it must be as much a character in the show as any of the actual cast members, and it certainly is. It’s just spectacular.”

Watch the rest of the interview after the jump! 

“I’ve seen over the years various attempts to make my work into a two-hour movie and I can tell you on the basis of what I’ve seen that it’s flatly impossible to do that. It was a great relief to me to get the opportunity to do a 16-episode television series.

“I was thinking, ‘at least there will be room.’ I knew Ron Moore had a great reputation as a storyteller and a film-maker and I told him, ‘this is the first script based on my work that I’ve seen that did not make me want to turn white or burst into flames!’”

You can read the full article at Scotland Now by click here

Source: Visit Scotland & Scotland Now

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  2. It only took three pages to get me hooked!! She is so funny, both in interviews and her books, she is favorite author of all time!!!!!

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