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From PopSugar:

Outlander‘s midseason finale aired in September, and the series won’t return until April 4, which has left a lot of fans of the show crying foul. “I don’t know why they did that to them,” Caitriona joked. “It was very mean!” Still, she hinted that waiting can be the best part. “A lot of shows are doing [split seasons] now, and it also gave us a chance to finish filming, because that was also a big thing,” she explained. “It’s great. Now [fans] have something really fun to look forward to.”

While the duo was coy when asked about upcoming episodes, they did dish on one of the toughest scenes they had to film for the still-unseen second half of season one. The pair were required to row a rowboat together and found they didn’t have a particular talent for it. “The boat was tough,” Sam said. “We’re not very good at rowing.” Caitriona clarified: “Sam’s a terrible rower.”

Sam and Caitriona are both looking forward to celebrating the Golden Globes here in Hollywood, far from the castles of Scotland. “I was there [last year]; I was very lucky to get an invite,” Sam told us. “And then afterward to see Channing Tatum strutting his stuff on the dance floor — he’s a good dancer. A really good dancer.” We know, Sam. We know.

Read the rest of interview here.

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  2. What has happened to the chemistry between these two? They are not looking happy to be with each other 🙁

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