Screencaps of the New Scenes in the Geillis Duncan Clip   4 comments

Here are some screencaps of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser in the Geillis Duncan trailer. These are scenes that haven’t aired yet. I’ve posted the trailer for those who haven’t see it yet. These are not HQ, sorry. 

Geillis Duncan - Clip.mp4_000001666

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4 responses to “Screencaps of the New Scenes in the Geillis Duncan Clip

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  1. There’s also a tiny clip from another trailer from this very scene where he tells her to “Be careful”.

  2. I am wondering if the first part is from a scene we haven’t seen yet. Jaime does, in the book, warn Claire of seeing Geillis. I am thinking it’s from that, because, when Claire does. . .oh the fit hits the shan

  3. Lotte is just perfect in this role. So glad she’ll be around for a very long time (hopefully the series will go through all of the books). Bring on the second half!

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