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Back in September, Diana did an interview with Lightspeed Magazine. They discuss Outlander being turned into a television series and also some controversial scenes that will be brought to life in the show. 

From Lightspeed Magazine

But I mean, there are a lot of aspects of Outlander that are potentially controversial. Do you have any idea how those will be adapted for television?
Well, like Ron says, if it’s in the book, we’ll film it the way it is in the book. I couldn’t ask better than that.

Spoilers after the jump! 

So, for example, in the book, there’s a scene where Jamie beats Claire, right, in the first Outlander book?
Well, he doesn’t exactly beat her. He’s not punching her in the mouth or throwing her against the wall. He spanks her with his sword belt because she did something incredibly dangerous and nearly got them all killed. This was basically what the Highland justice was like. If you screwed up, you got punished for it, and then you were back in the good graces of the clan. That’s what he’s doing; it’s his duty as her husband basically to correct her, set her on the right path, and mind you, she doesn’t like it because she’s a twentieth-century woman. She’s very affronted that he’s hurting her.

But do you think that will be portrayed in the TV show the same way it was in the book?
I know it will. I’ve seen it.

Read the entire article here.


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