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Ron D. Moore Talks About Outlander With Collider   Leave a comment

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Here’s part of an interview Ron D. Moore did with Collider

The first season of Outlander is split in two, and you ended the first half on a cliffhanger.  Was there much discussion about where you could leave that first half to keep people waiting in anticipation of the second half, but not have them be too angry that they don’t want to tune back in?  Was it your decision where to leave it, or did the network also weigh in on that?

MOORE:  I pitched it that way, pretty early on.  Because we’re going from a book, that moment of Claire being held by Jack, and Jamie appearing in the window, as soon as I read it on the page, I was like, “Well, that’s a great cliffhanger,” and it happened to fall about mid-way through the book.  It was a natural point.  So, when we were putting the season together, I said, “Okay, in Episode 8, let’s say that that’s the cliffhanger,” and the network agreed.  It was a done deal.  It seemed obvious to all of us that that was the best.  It literally was a cliffhanger moment and a good place to stop.

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Old/New Interview Diana Gabaldon Did With LightSpeed Magazine   Leave a comment


Back in September, Diana did an interview with Lightspeed Magazine. They discuss Outlander being turned into a television series and also some controversial scenes that will be brought to life in the show. 

From Lightspeed Magazine

But I mean, there are a lot of aspects of Outlander that are potentially controversial. Do you have any idea how those will be adapted for television?
Well, like Ron says, if it’s in the book, we’ll film it the way it is in the book. I couldn’t ask better than that.

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Screencaps of the New Scenes in the Geillis Duncan Clip   4 comments

Here are some screencaps of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser in the Geillis Duncan trailer. These are scenes that haven’t aired yet. I’ve posted the trailer for those who haven’t see it yet. These are not HQ, sorry. 

Geillis Duncan - Clip.mp4_000001666

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