Confessions of a Reluctant Outlander Fan

One of our dear friends Late2thePartee has agreed to make a guest post for us. Many of you already know JAG from RAoR, so without further ado I’ll let her take over. As a side note, I was one of the people pushing her to read the books, having been a fan for 12 years. 😉 

Recently I had to convince, YES PEOPLE CONVINCE, my BFF to start watching the Outlander Series on Starz.  I was baffled, how could anyone NOT want to watch this series, but then I thought back and remembered that there was a time when I too had to be convinced to read the Outlander books.  I was truly a reluctant fan from the start.

It was 2009 when I first caught wind of the Outlander series. Ya Ya I know I was way behind the curve, refer to my twitter name.  This isn’t the first time 🙂

Vampires Rule!

It was at the height of my paranormal vampire book obsession and these were the guys that were  holding my attention. In books, online and on the screen, to me there was nothing better.  Hot sexy dangerous alpha vampires. RAWR!  I don’t even think I knew what a Highlander was at that point.

Then one day, I happened to be on twitter and some of my besties were sending swoony tweets and hash-tagging then #JAMMF. I totally jumped in and tweetjacked (that always sounds so nasty lol) them because I’m a nosy bitch to find out what they were talking about. Low and behold they started to introduced me to the first book in Diana Gabaldon’s series, Outlander.

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