*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan and friends   8 comments

Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan out with friends.

Sam & Friends


@guyfoxx: Hanging with the homies eating @crustaceanbeverlyhills @samheughan @amyshiels1 @hhasselhoff @wizcalista @ainemarie18 #outlander #lastnight #crustacean #latenightpingpong”

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8 responses to “*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan and friends

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  1. How lucky y’all were to be in his company! This old lady would surely love to talk with him. He seems to be a wonderful young man. I know I greatly admire the character he plays in “Outlander”! Oh that more men could be like the character “Jamie”! God be with you all.

  2. I think it’s pertinent that the site doesn’t allow comments on the personal lives of the actors, but I really think that Sam Heughan’s behavior motivates them. He demonstrates, in social media, having real intimacy with Caitriona Balfe; lets Amy Shiels expose their relationship (that clearly is not just a friendship); and shows up at a party with a third girl. I think HE should keep his private life, well, private. If nobody knew that he was dating Shiels and was so close to Balfe, no one would have anything to say about the third woman. I think he lacks self preservation a bit. But perhaps he’ll learn how to deal with fame soon.

  3. The third woman is AS. Does it matter? SH is out there living his life, doing him. He seems like a really cool guy who likes to have a lot of fun. He’s worked hard to get where he is so I am sure he is really enjoying it. He’s not Lilo-in all over the place. He’s just living his life. So he has a coworker he is really close to and a fun girlfriend? THE SCANDAL. Stop being a busybody. This isn’t the middle ages. I think it’s cool that he does his own twitter and insta and lets us into his world. Also, it was Outlander super-fans who deduced that AS was his girlfriend. I think it’s funny that she’s embraced the Outlander fandom and seems pretty cool about it.

  4. I know I should not comment on Sam’s personal life, but she certainly shows up a lot(AS). However, I do not see the same look on Sam’s face as when he is with Caitriona. He just seems to light up when he is with her.

  5. AS isn’t Sams girlfriend. The two are just very good friends from when the did a movie together. The third girl being talked about her initials are CK. She’s been seen with Sam a lot. Though don’t seem to be exclusive. Addie Sam ad Cait can’t comment but there’s defientely more then meets the eye with the two of them 😉

  6. AS doesn’t seem like the good person type of woman for Sam…..somehow i think ‘Jame & Claire’ will the perfect couple forever ..they have laid down such excellence of acting in Outlander they will be the ‘classic couple’ forever ……fact Sam is a Scot who is not afraid to wear the kilt and Caitronia is Irish….of course Ron and Diana have given sam and caitronia such excellent stories for them to interpret on the screen we must remember. i do hope Hollywood life doesn’t ruin them……

  7. Dad and Big Bro called them “Street Walkers.” I thought it meant some kind of exercise freak, but didn’t understand the high heels and tight short shorts till later. Didn’t think they were alliwed into nice restaurants.

  8. Surely to God there is absolutely no way Sam is dating that amy chik ugh
    I hate to sound so shallow, but that chik is ugly! He is a very handsome and successful man. He could have literally any woman he wanted on the planet, there’s NO Effie way possible he would choose to settle down with HER! Maybe sleep with her as a holla back girl when he’s lonely, but that’s probly as far as it goes!
    Sorry not sorry

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