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While promoting her new Broadway play “The River,” which she stars in alongside Hugh Jackman, Laura told Access Hollywood about how she landed the role of Jenny.

“It was a really fun audition process because I actually knew Sam [Heughan], who plays Jamie, from 10 years ago, when we went to drama school together,” she said. “So I got to go in [and] audition with him and we just had a lot of fun together and so it was really nice to be involved in that.

“It’s a very rare occasion that you get to walk on a set and have a few friends there already,” Laura added.

So far, fans have seen Jenny only briefly. She was dragged out of the Fraser home by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). While there hasn’t been a lot of Jamie/Jenny so far in the series, it has been hinted at (and book readers know) that Jamie and Jenny are a special brother/sister pair.

“It’s quite a feisty one,” Laura said of Jenny and Jamie’s relationship. “They challenge each other. There’s no doubt there’s absolute love there, but, you know, it’s that kind of typical brother/sister slight banging of heads and I think Jenny usually gets the upper hand.”

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