BTS Pics of the Cast on the set of Outlander   33 comments

We didn’t have these on the site, so we decided to post them all in a big batch. Here are all the behind the scene pics of the cast on the set of Outlander. 


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33 responses to “BTS Pics of the Cast on the set of Outlander

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  1. Those are great! it’s so interesting to see what goes on BTS. Thanks you.

  2. Thank you. Great pics. I love seeing (and reading about) the BTS stuff.

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  5. Can you create and sell a calendar with favorites? Would be a huge seller for holidays for Starz. As would box set of season one part one withouttakes, commentaries, bloopers etc.

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  7. Love all of the pics. Thanks. It is a great show!

  8. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures, wonderful background. Love the show! Would love to be there….

  9. One of my FAVOURITE scenes is when Claire is working with the other ladies working the piss into the dyed fabric and they are singing. The singing is so lovely!!!

  10. I’m loving the show almost as much as the books! I took the series (6 books at the time) with me to Iraq… they were a sanity saver! My only issue is with Jamie in the cast… he’s definitely good looking, but his hair isn’t as long or as red as I imagined it (and it was described) in the books. The series is awesome, and it’s been so much fun to watch it. When there is something missing I can fill in the blanks in my mind from what I read in the books. The BTS photos are awesome too.

    • Well at the start of Outlander Jamie does have short hair, because remember they cut his hair off at the abbey? To heal the wound on his head.

  11. Diana you look like you belong there. These are great photos. The cast seems so cohesive and happy.

  12. The link for the handwarmers on the left is wrong. 🙁 Poor Fi. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at her Etsy store. I tried searching just for hand warmers but there are alot to weed through.

  13. Any previews for the shows coming in April???

  14. great post!!! love seeing these

  15. Thank you for sharing these glimpses into the making of our beloved Outlander. Looks like the entire entourage is close knit and having a bit of fun!!!

  16. Thanks for posting these pictures! They look like they’re having so much fun despite the bad weather at times. Love BTS footage!!

  17. are there more shows planned after the one in April? Seems to be a big hit so far hint, hint

  18. Loved all the pictures. Please have more.

  19. Will there be any way to purchase CD’s of the show’s?. I don’t get the channel .

  20. Always surreal to see the making of our fantasies….

  21. I loved all the pictures..

    christine mcdowell
  22. Lovely view into the life of the cast and crew. My favorites: Sam and Cait (giggling) on horseback. Cait the horse whisperer.

  23. Thank you, really enjoyed those, and loved being able to take a closer and more leisurely look at the wonderful costume design. Just a query, did women really wear shaped knitwear then? I thought that there was shawls but that was about it. The collar/cowls that Clarie wears are wonderful but also chunkier than I was expecting for this period.
    This isn’t a complaint, I’m just interested.

    • Terry, the costume designer, said that they don’t actually know what the women wore back then over their dresses, since it’s cold and humid in Scotland she went with a knitwear that would keep women warm. Hope this helps.

  24. Wonderful BTS photos, Sam Heughan is so handsome and Catriona Balfe so beautiful. They are “picture perfect”.

  25. I think this is the best TV series ever….

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