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From Access Hollywood:

“It felt really great,” Caitriona told Access Hollywood on the People magazine’s Ones To Watch red carpet in Los Angeles on Thursday evening. “There’s been such nice stuff written about how that episode was and I think we all really worked hard to make it as real [as possible] and give it the space that these two people — their love could really develop and that it wasn’t instantaneous sex and that they could just get over their nervousness and get through the night and I’m really glad that people responded well to it.”

“Jamie got laid three times, so that’s pretty good,” Sam Heughan chimed in.

The two co-stars, who were named to People mag’s Ones To Watch List, revealed to Access Hollywood that they actually screened the “Wedding” episode together.

“Is it weird to say that we watched it together? … With a bottle of wine, [a] couple of bottles of wine, actually,” Sam said. “Yeah, we were like, ‘Yeah we gotta watch this.'”

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“I think the second part of the season’s really strong, and so much happens and you really see the story ramp up,” Caitriona told Access. “And the great thing is that you’ve gotten to know these characters so well over the first eight [episodes], and they’ve really let this evolve and now it’s like—”

“And now we get to mess with it,” Sam said. “And yeah, the stakes are raised, it gets darker, it’s gonna be really gripping.”

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