*Video* Alternate Outlander Opening Credits   12 comments

Here’s a video of the alternate Outlander opening credits. 


12 responses to “*Video* Alternate Outlander Opening Credits

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  1. I Love it.

  2. Much better!

  3. What a lovely new sound & set of pictures but maintaining a lot of the original. Makes my heart eager for April already. I’m going to keep and re-play this over and over. Yum!

  4. I love the images but miss the singer! It would be wonderful to have both, the melody at the end credits & the singer for the opening credits.

  5. What’s the source for this?????

  6. Way better! I love the singing being left out and seeing more of Jamie. The bagpipes sound much better/powerful without someone singing over it. LOVE!

  7. This is good, but I love the original! The right one was definitely chosen!

  8. This definitely has the signature Bear McCreary drums more pronounced.

  9. I love how the bagpipes really stand out in this version and the new images but do miss the crossed swords from the original. Don’t know what it is about that that part but it gets me every time. Both of the openings are wonderful though. I love them both. Do you happen to have any captures of the crossed swords? I have not seen them anywhere.

  10. I love this version. The bagpipes make me think “Scotland”!

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